About Us

Naturally Clean Products

DeaFarmCom is innovative production of the unique products from highly efficient natural raw materials, such as Altai maral antlers, castoreum, stone oil, mumijo, and a variety of medicinal herbs.

The main stream is the development of health-improving products of natural and herbal origin. We offer more than 150 products to stay healthy or for health recovery. All our products are manufactured from natural components only, and no synthetic chemical substances are used. The raw materials used in our products and the final products undergo strict and careful quality control and safety control.

Our geographic location near the mountain Altai border allows to use the rich natural resources of the mountain Altai flora and fauna as the raw materials source. Our geologists and biologists collect the raw materials manually; at the raw materials collection site, they use dedicated equipment to determine the genuineness, while taking adequate measures to avoid the ingress of impurities.

DeaFarmCom respects the traditions and adds up to the available experience by instant readiness for new experiments and new technologies integration. Ultimately, this makes our team optimistic about the future and cheer up with the original and new products for your healthy lifestyle. All our products are manufactured on advanced production base that includes fully integrated production cycle. We are proud to have highly skilled specialists in our team and well-established quality control system; all that is a driving factor for continuous improvement of our products. In such a way, our products are the mixtures or compositions of natural purified components characterized by high biological activity and purity.

The efforts of our entire team are always aimed to one thing: keep your health good and make it better, yours and of those you love. Be sure that all our products are highly efficient. This is because when we create them, we use only proven and eco-perfect components. We undertake the responsibility for all the vows we make, and we understand that we are undertaking the responsibility for the most valuable thing – health and good quality of life.

Our competitive power for consumers:

  • We have in-house extraction plant. We do not procure the extracts with questionable quality; instead, we produce the extracts from the Altai and Tibet eco-clean raw materials. This makes us capable to maintain the product quality at top-notch level.
  • One of the features of our products is a great variety, which allows to easily build up an individual wellness program based on the delicious, useful, and versatile menu rich in vital nutrients.
  • All our products contain natural components, unlike the most of food supplements provided by other manufacturers where the processes of production significantly deteriorate the original beneficial effect of the vitamins and minerals for the human organism.